Craft Beef Jerky is growing in popularity as we search for healthier snacks

Craft Beef Jerky Is Growing In Popularity As We Search for Healthier Snacks

The craft jerky industry is bigger and better than ever!  According to Nielsen, beef jerky sales grew by nearly 7% in 2016. And, interestingly enough, meat snacks are second only to potato chips in the salty snack category. But, potato chips reported only a 1.7% dollar growth over the same time period.  As a result we are seeing an increase in artisan jerky makers looking to leave their mark in the growing jerky industry. 

As we eat fewer sit-down meals and snack more on the go, the demand for portable protein has never been higher. But, we don’t have time to eat boring jerky found in gas stations. Similar to craft beer, we’re looking to take our snacks to the next level. The new subscription box,, makes it easy for you to discover and try new craft jerky brands and flavors. 

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