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Low Sodium Beef Jerky: Top 12 Flavors for Guilt-Free Snacking

Searching for a low-sodium beef jerky that will ignite your taste buds? Look no further! presents an exclusive collection of mouthwatering jerky delights that boast a sodium content ranging from 60mg to 140mg. Experience the best of flavors without compromising on your health-conscious choices with these handpicked low-sodium beef jerky treats.

At, we take immense pride in offering a carefully curated selection of the finest low-sodium beef jerky brands and flavors. Each option embodies the art of crafting delicious and health-conscious treats, ensuring you enjoy your favorite jerky without compromise. Whether you're a seasoned jerky enthusiast or a health-conscious snacker, explore our online shop to discover an array of low-sodium jerky delights. Shop now and relish the unforgettable flavors of guilt-free snacking!

The 12 Best Low-Sodium Beef Jerky Flavors

1. Jerky's Gourmet Smokehouse BBQ Beef Jerky

Immerse yourself in the tantalizing blend of smoky, sweet, and tangy flavors that this 100% grass-fed beef jerky has to offer. With an enticingly low 85mg of sodium, you can relish every bite guilt-free. Crafted to perfection, this gluten-free jerky will leave your taste buds craving more.

2. Kingmade Jerky Sweet Chili Pepper Beef Jerky

Satisfy your taste buds with the mild sweetness and subtle spice of this premium flank steak jerky. At just 60mg of sodium, it's perfect for your golf or hiking trips, ensuring you stay energized and fueled for your adventures.

3. Savage Jerky Co. Lime & Garlic Mojo Beef Jerky

Get ready for a Lip-Smacking Adventure! With just 140mg of sodium per serving, this citrus-infused, herbalicious Cuban jerky will make your taste buds do the salsa!

4. Strollo's Beef Jerky Original Mild

Discover the ultimate healthy snack for flavor-obsessed beef jerky enthusiasts. Made from premium beef, this mild jerky delights with zero sugar and one of the lowest sodium contents among jerky brands. Treat yourself to this guilt-free indulgence.

5. Wicked Cutz BBQ Mesquite Beef Jerky

With a pronounced flavor and irresistibly delicious taste, this craft jerky will leave you wanting more. Tender and easy to chew, it's the perfect combination of conventional jerky flavors. Just 110mg of sodium per serving!

6. Stone Tangerine Express IPA Beef Jerky

Infused with the vibrant citrus flavors of Stone Brewing's Tangerine Express IPA, this jerky packs a punch with only 105mg of sodium.

7. Wicked Cutz Volcanic Jalapeño Beef Jerky

Embark on a journey of fresh jalapeño flavor with 120mg of sodium per bite. This thinly-sliced beef jerky offers a bold and spirited snacking experience.

8. Jerky's Gourmet Black Pepper Beef Jerky

If you adore the bold flavor of black pepper, this jerky offers 105mg of sodium. Made from premium grass-fed beef, it's a delight for seasoned jerky lovers.

9. Kingmade Jerky Classic Recipe Beef Jerky

At just 110mg of sodium, this tender and wholesome beef jerky delights with a signature blend of steakhouse spices. It's a true classic, perfect for any occasion.

10. Wicked Cutz Carolina Killa Wicked Hot Beef Jerky

Embrace the fiery allure of Carolina Reaper peppers with this daring and flavorful jerky, boasting just 105mg of sodium. For spice lovers, this one's a true delight.

11. Homegrown Meats Joel's Traditional Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Savor the tenderness of 100% grass-fed beef with just 105mg of sodium. A mild and traditional flavor awaits you in this gluten-free artisanal delight.

12. Jerky's Gourmet India Pale Ale Beef Jerky

Experience the bliss of a west coast IPA-infused jerky with only 85mg of sodium. Prepare to indulge guilt-free in this flavorful, protein-rich snack.

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