JerkyGent - Interesting Facts About Beef Jerky

Interesting Facts About Beef Jerky

Think you know about beef jerky? Think again. Beef jerky is one of the best high protein snacks for you, but there’s so much more to know about this delicious snack.

1. There's better jerky out there, and you need to try it! 

Forget the days of snacking on the same tasteless, beef jerky brands that you find in your local gas station. There are plenty of new artisan jerky makers popping up all over the country. These guys and gals make jerky the old-fashioned way, using whole muscle meat dried over low heat. Some producers smoke the meat to preserve, dry, and flavor it all at once - bringing you better quality and flavor. JerkyGent makes it easy to try these great-tasting craft jerky brands by shipping a curated selection to your doorstep every month.  

 2. The varieties are endless. 

Jerky can be made with just about any protein including pork, beef, turkey, moose, salmon, and more. If you prefer one type of jerky or flavor, JerkyGent can make a note on your account, and only send you jerky types and flavors that you absolutely love. Don't be afraid to reach out with any special requests or questions. 

3. Jerky was invented for function.

Back in 1550, beef jerky was invented by the Quechua people, who are native to South America. Jerky’s first purpose was to bring people protein-rich food on long adventures. Jerky is still one of the best snacks to fuel your body and satisfy your hunger. 


So, what are you waiting for? Start discovering the best craft jerky brands with a JerkyGent subscription.  Save 10% on your first box by using the code JERKYPLZ at checkout. 

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