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JerkyGent Inferno Box Hot Spicy Jerky Sampler Gift
Inferno Box - Try the hottest and spiciest craft jerky flavors
Two hot chicks habanero beef jerky. hot and spicy.
Righteous Felon Voodoo Carolina Reaper Peppered Jerky
Ghost pepper beef jerky by Bakke Brothers Beef Jerky
Reaper - The hottest beef jerky in the world by Savage Jerky

JerkyGent Inferno Box - The Ultimate Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky Sampler

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How much HEAT can you handle?

The JerkyGent Inferno Box takes spicy beef jerky to another level!  Challenge yourself and others to 4 of the hottest beef jerky flavors known to man. Each bag of beef jerky offers a unique flavor and spice level, starting with sizzling Habanero and ending with the spiciest of all peppers, the Carolina Reaper! How much heat can you handle?

Beef Jerky Included:

  • Two Hot Chicks, Habanero, 2.0-oz Inferno Box Spice Level 2 of 5 
  • Righteous Felon, VooDoo Chile, 2.0-oz Inferno Box Spice level 3 of 5 
  • Bakke Brothers, Ghost Peppered, 3.2-oz JerkyGent Spiciness Level 4 of 5 
  • Savage Jerky Co., Reaper, 2.0-oz JerkyGent Inferno Box Carolina Reaper Spice Level 5 

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