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JerkyGent Long Beach Jerky Co Spicy Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Long Beach Jerky Co Spicy Teriyaki flavored beef jerky
Long beach jerky co spicy teriyaki beef jerky back of package

Long Beach Jerky Co. Spicy Teriyaki Beef Jerky, 2.5-oz

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Product Description

Don't be fooled by the sweet & salty beginning that delivers a pleasant rich flavor, because waiting behind all of this goodness is a vicious, blaze of fiery spiciness.

Ingredients: Beef, seasoning (brown sugar, sugar, spices, garlic, onion, salt), soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), Worcestershire (water, distilled vinegar, sugar, salt, hydrolyzed soy protein, spices, carmel color, garlic powder, tamarind extract, onion powder, lemon emulsion (water, sugar, lemon oil, sodium benzoate (as a preservative), xanthan gum, citric acid), distilled white vinegar, liquid smoke.

Contains: Soy and wheat

Package Size: 2.5-oz