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Papa's Best Batch Asian 5-Spice Smoked Almonds

Papa's Best Batch Asian 5-Spice Smoked Almonds, 3.0-oz

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Product Description: Papa's Asian Smoked Almonds are hand-marinated in molasses, Asian five spice powder, and wasabi powder. Then they spend six hours drying in the smoker, to add a delicious smokiness to each nut. A little sweet and a little spicy, Papa's almonds are a healthy and tasty snack for the whole family.
  • Creatively seasoned in small batches.
  • Hand-smoked over local applewood in the heart of Hudson Valley, NY.
  • Gluten free and contain no artificial ingredients.
  • Papa's only uses Non-GMO California Almonds.

Ingredients: Almonds, Unsulfured Molasses, Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Wasabi Powder and other Spices.