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The #1 Beef Jerky Subscription Box

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Expertly Curated. Deliciousness Guaranteed.

You love beef jerky, but let’s face it – you wouldn’t waste your time snacking on dull, tasteless jerky. With a JerkyGent subscription box, it’s easy to discover and try the best-tasting craft jerky at home. 


JerkyGent Mini

Beef Jerky Subscription Box - JerkyGent Mini


+$4.95 s/h


$10 OFF Your 1st Box

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JerkyGent Classic

JerkyGent Craft Beef Jerky Subscription Box


+$4.95 s/h


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JerkyGent XL

Beef Jerky Club Of The Month. JerkyGent XL.


+$4.95 s/h


$10 OFF Your 1st Box

Use code: JERKY10

Hand-Picked To Your Taste And Spice Preferences

Beef Jerky Subscription Box. 4 bags of handcrafted beef jerky.

Whether you prefer spicy or mild jerky, you’ll get to enjoy new brands and flavors every month based on your taste preference. Our experts know the difference between the merely average and the truly exceptional jerky, so your only job is to subscribe and enjoy!

New Brands & Flavors Every Month

Beef jerky subscription box sitting on top of tons of craft beef jerky.

No Commitments. Flexible Deliveries.

Skip a month whenever you'd like. 
Cancel your subscription at anytime.

Some Of The Flavors You'll Get To Try!


When will my order ship?

Your first box will ship within 1 business day. The monthly boxes to follow will renew on the 10th of each month and will ship within 3 business days.

What is the traditional vs non-traditional flavor preference?

The "Traditional" flavor preference includes more traditional flavors such as BBQ, Original, Teriyaki, Hickory, etc... While the "Non-Traditional" flavor preference will include more unique flavors, such as Truffle, Mojo, Buffalo, Bloody Mary, etc... We recommend selecting "Try Them All" for the full experience!

Can I change my flavor and spice preferences?

Yes, you can change your flavor and spice preferences at any time by logging into your account at

How much jerky is in each box?

  • Mini (2 bags): At least 1/4lb (4oz) of beef jerky.
  • Classic (4 bags): At least 1/2lb (8oz) of beef jerky.
  • XL (8 bags): At least 1lb (16oz) of beef jerky.