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Savor the Tradition: The 7 Best Flavors of Riley's Jerky – A Family-Owned Business in Greenville, California

Since 1980, Riley's Jerky has been more than just a brand; it's a family tradition. Founded in Greenville, California, this family-owned business has provided jerky enthusiasts with some of the best flavors around.

A Brief History of Riley's Jerky

Starting as a small family-owned venture in Greenville, California, Riley's Jerky has maintained its roots. With a dedication to quality and customer service, it stands as a testament to homemade style and rich flavors.

What Makes Riley's Jerky Special?

Hand-cut from whole muscle beef, Riley's Jerky offers a thick, homemade style for every piece. Marinated with naturally grown spices, our jerky is full of beef and marinade flavor.

The 7 Tantalizing Flavors

  1. Original: A timeless classic.

  2. Teriyaki: An Asian-inspired delight.

  3. Hawaiian: A tropical fusion.

  4. Cajun: A spicy taste of Louisiana.

  5. Sweet & Spicy: A mouthwatering balance.

  6. Peppered: Robust and seasoned.

  7. Jalapeno: Fiery and exciting.

Whether you are a beef jerky lover or a casual snacker, Riley's Jerky in Greenville, California, offers a variety that won't disappoint. Their commitment to quality and family-owned business values has resulted in one of the best beef jerky products out there.

Join the Riley's Family

We extend our extreme appreciation to the local customers who have supported this family-owned-and-operated business from the beginning. Try their best flavors and savor the tradition that sets Riley's Jerky apart.

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With seven delightful flavors and a commitment to quality, Riley's Jerky continues to stand out. We invite you to be part of the Riley's family and experience the tastes that make them a unique family-owned business in Greenville, California.

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