JerkyGent Exclusive Subscriber Pricing

Exclusive Subscriber Pricing

Become a JerkyGent Member and save!

Once you become a JerkyGent member, you'll gain access to exclusive subscriber-only pricing on all shop orders. To become a JerkyGent member, all you have to do is sign up for a recurring monthly subscription and you'll automatically become an 'active' subscriber. As long as you are an 'active' subscriber, you'll be eligible for discounted pricing on the JerkyGent shop!

Perks of jerkygent membership

  • Discover new brands and flavors of craft jerky every month.
  • Subscriber Pricing - 10% discount on all jerky and beef sticks.
  • Earn free rewards.
  • Skip a month or cancel at any time - no obligation.
  • Exclusive flash discounts.

JerkyGent Subscriber Pricing - Discounts For Beef Jerky Of The Month Club Members