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10 Of The Best Kinds Of Exotic Jerky

Best Kinds Of Exotic Jerky

There are many kinds of exotic jerky! With a wide variety of options, it can be hard to decide which type of exotic jerky to try first. We've searched high and low for the best-tasting exotic jerky. Below are 10 of the best kinds of exotic jerky you need to try! 

The Top 10 Best Kinds Of Exotic Jerky

1. Alligator Jerky 

A best-selling exotic jerky! Alligator jerky (aka gator jerky) is by far one of the most popular types of exotic jerky. Gator jerky has a chewy bite that can be compared to chicken. House of Jerky marinates their alligator jerky in a spicy cajun seasoning. We recommend giving it a try here! 

Exotic Alligator Jerky

2.  Kangaroo Jerky 

Looking to try an exotic jerky with a unique taste? Then you've got to try Kangaroo jerky! It has a rich flavor that many say tastes gamey. It's a bold, flavorful, lean meat that's low in fat. Ready to dig into a bag of delicious kangaroo jerky? You can find it here!

Kangaroo Jerky Exotic

3. Ahi Tuna Jerky

Tuna jerky is an all-time favorite exotic jerky. If you love the delicious taste of tuna, then you'll crave this jerky time and time again. House of Jerky makes a fresh and flavorful peppered Ahi Tuna jerky that's super tender. Check it out! 


Tuna Exotic Jerky

4. Elk Jerky 

Elk jerky offers a more robust flavor with a gamey taste. It tastes the best when it's seasoned with other fresh ingredients.  For example, this popular elk jerky is seasoned with fresh black pepper, brown sugar and a splash of pineapple juice. 
Exotic Elk Jerky

5. Duck Jerky

Care to try duck jerky? Duck jerky is a very fatty, gamey meat that's popular among jerky lovers. Many compare the taste of duck jerky to liver or steak. It's a tender jerky that's packed with protein. You can find duck jerky here! 

Duck Jerky Exotic Jerky

6. Lamb Jerky

If you love beef jerky, then you'll love lamb jerky! It's similar in taste to beef jerky, yet it has a stronger flavor that many people can't get enough of! House of Jerky marinates their jerky in a delicious medley of garlic and rosemary. Grab a bag here and let us know how it tastes! 

Lamb Exotic Jerky

7. Venison Jerky

You can't go wrong with venison jerky! It's one of the most popular and traditional types of exotic jerky. Venison tastes great as its very tender and often times seasoned with black pepper. Shop version jerky here! 

Exotic Venison Jerky

8. Buffalo Jerky

Love sweet jerky? Buffalo jerky tends to have a lighter, slightly sweet flavor. It's very high in iron and protein making it a healthy and satisfying snack. It has a delicate, tender texture, and a light "earthy" flavor. Give it a try today!

Buffalo Exotic Jerky

9. Salmon Jerky

Salmon jerky is a favorite among jerky lovers. It's a great introduction into the world of exotic jerky! This salmon jerky is marinated in teriyaki sauce, wine, garlic, onion, and fresh black pepper. It's moist and tender giving it a nice flavorful chew. Stock up on salmon jerky here! 

Salmon Jerky

10. Wild Boar Jerky

Last but not least. You can go wild with wild boar jerky. It's an adventurous type of jerky that's thick, strong, nutty, and rich. Buffalo jerky is dark in color and has a very distinct flavor. You can find it here!

Wild Boar Jerky

Want to try more exotic jerky? You can discover more kinds of exotic jerky on the JerkyGent Shop. We carry many more flavorful types of meat including rabbit and swordfish Let us know your favorite type of exotic jerky in the comments below! 

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  • I’d personally say the WORST tasting exotic jerky I have ever had was snapping turtle, which has an unpleasant fishy taste.

    Also, while I agree alligator/crocodile can be very good, the fact that most of it comes from Louisiana means if is very hard to find if you DON’T like Cajun flavor.

    Jeremy L. Weiss

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